Desperately seeking speakers for Java Meetup

I am looking for speakers to present on Java related topics in Singapore to a Java Meetup. I know it is a bit out of the way, but if anyone is travelling through and have a presentation and an evening free, please could you let me know? Our proposed next event (after the November event) will be on Thursday 25th January 2007, but we can be very flexible to cater to your schedule.

We are a ‘not for profit’ group that started several months ago in conjunction with the Singapore Jug. We do gain sponsorship in the form of venue, refreshments and food (as well as a prize draw). So although I can not offer to pay you for your time we can at least get you fed and watered. Hell I will even pick you up from the airport, show you the town and put you up for the night (in nice surroundings).

Our next meetup (not expecting someone to offer at such short notice for that one) has over forty registered attendees and the last one had 35 attendees. So you won’t be presenting to a room of two either.

We don’t mind if your presentation has a corporate angle; we understand that everyone has to make their money somehow, it just has to be interesting and does have relevance to the audience (out and out sales pitches won’t go down well).